What happens in a Kinesiology Session

What happens in a session

Kinesologists use the wonderful tool of muscle testing, to track and find out what is the story behind the symptoms. Feedback from the body’s muscles gives a picture of what is happening in the energy systems and in the body and where the imbalance is relating to your symptoms.

Together you and your practitoner will work together in a co creative way to find the best possible method to restore balance.??This maybe bodywork, looking at making changes to diet, energy balancing or other gentle, non-invasive techniques.

In a session there is an initial consultation; the practioner will take your case history and you can share your story. This could be anything ranging from an actual physical problem, to something nutritional (eg a food intolerance), to an environmental influence, to your feelings about a past event, to an inherited issue, to a stress related situation or deeply held emotion that requires releasing.

Kinesiology is an amazing tool that can enable you to uncover what is blocking or stopping you from achieving your goals. Significant changes can takeplace after just one session, however, we recommend at least three sessions of creative kinesiology initially.  This allows time for your body to come back into balance so that you are able to see/feel and embody a shift or change in your symptoms.


Some people continue with Creative Kinesiology on a regular basis. Others find it beneficial when they need to be functioning optimally or want help making transitions in their life.

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