Sound Therapy



Applies vibrational healing of sound, semi-precious stones, scent, and affirmations, as frequencies that will bring the body back in to balance, by correcting the bodies electrical systems. (Chakra’s, Auric fields & Meridians).

The body’s biodynamic computer determines the correctional procedure via muscle testing.

The benefits of this therapy are extensive.


The healing sounds of the tuning forks and basic Kinesiology muscle testing are used.The body’s Chakras, Meridian energies and Auric fields are restored back to free flowing vital energy, around and within the body. Also beneficial for removing layers of emotional stress related to traumas of the past, (and past lives)

Sound Therapy

This therapy involves working with a variety of tools to enhance personal well-being. This method first considers three electrical systems associated with the body, namely the Charkra’s, Auric Fields and Meridians. These electrical systems may have become out of balance, for a number of reasons, such as: shock; emotional upheaval; accident; birth traumas; vaccinations and effects of other people. Through Sound Therapy the body has the ability to correct and rebalance its own frequency’s when the appropriate frequency (sound vibration) is applied. Some of the tools associated with this treatment are: Ancient Tibetan Instruments; Modern Western Tuning Forks; Kinesiology; Semi-precious Stones; Scents; Words/Affirmations. This non-invasive treatment includes applying a combination of these techniques to correct and bring the body back into balance and harmony.

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