Kinesiology and Nutritional Therapy

Kinesiology and Nutritional Therapy

Nutrition has a huge part to play in our health and well being.
Our body relies on the right kind of nutrients for repair, nerve function, energy production, hormonal balance, fighting infection and more. Insufficient nutrients or poor eating habits can lead to poor health.

If we are under par, it’s certainly worth looking at our diet, and Nutritional Kinesiology can guide us to make choices to support the health of our body and mind.

Kinesiology muscle testing is used to help demonstrate how some foods can adjust your body’s energy systems for better health.

A Nutritional session incorporates how your body functions in relationship to the recognition, assimilation, utilization and elimination of proteins, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals, etc and supports your body?s systems in a way that restores balance.

Advice, dehydration, digestive symptoms, allergy/sensitivities and all food related topics are focused on within this session.

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