Crystal Therapy

Crystal Healing

Pure Relaxation and Balancing for Body Mind and Spirit

Each crystal is known to have its own vibrational energy field and it is believed we are drawn to specific crystals because of their healing properties. crystals engage and act as mirrors and reflect back to you your basic needs, from the unconscious to the conscious self. It is felt that interacting with the vibrational energy field of the crystals along with our own aura (human energy field) promotes positive, uplifting experiences. Specific crystal layouts designed to enhance and promote wellbeing are explained and demonstrated through this session.

Crystal Healing Session

The vibrational healing energy of crystals is transmitted to the recipient, leaving you with a feeling of peace and tranquillity. Also crystals can be used to balance the energy circuits of the body. The recipient is able to choose from a selection of Crystal healing layouts to suit their needs, or the therapist through kinesiology, (muscle testing) the recipient can determine what the body requires for itself as a healing layout. As an extra touch a Quartz Crystal bowl can be sounded before and after the session to truly embrace this experience. The recipient lays on the therapy couch with the selection of crystals on or around the body for a period of time whilst listening to relaxing spiritual music. As an option to add to the healing session, the recipient may like to be taken on a meditative visual journey by the therapist. There are many benefits to be gained for the recipient should they wish to explore this journey, a crystal healing session is to gain personal insights in to areas of their life that are not always accessible with the conscious mind or just indulge yourself in pure relaxation.

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