Why do people visit a Kinesiologist

Why do people visit a Kinesiologist

Clients may consult a Creative Kinesiologist, who want to work with their symptoms/issues, emotional states, aches and pains, in fact almost anything. Creative Kinesiologists are detectives, which look into what your problem is, and the extent of it (on all levels). In doing that we are looking to see if there is a holding pattern happening within you or within your lives that can be identified, it could be physical, biochemical, emotional and spiritual, or a mixture of all of them. For example, you may have a physical problem, and it may have an emotional content that you are not aware of. Sometimes, but not always, it’s relevant where it comes from – is there a trigger from the past or in the present or in your ancestry that has contributed towards your problem? Ck is able to find this out.

CK sessions involve a process of developing your own awareness of self, and it is a co-creation between you the client and my self the practitioner, so at each step of the way everything is explained. CK is partnered by Perceptual Bodywork, (based on Applied Kinesiology). PB uses the senses to go into the body and energy system to find ways to begin your personal route for change.
It is advised that three or more sessions are required to fully integrate the subtle process of change, as each step forwards may uncover another aspect of your issue helping you to get back on track with your life.

Creative Kinesiology – uses the technique of muscle testing as a way of detecting clues about your problems and health. An energy technique is carried out to help restore the imbalance enabling your body to find its own natural way of healing – helping you to get back on track with your life. Enabling you to find the answers to your symptoms, emotional states, aches/pains, Kinesiology also helps you to goal set with your future plans in fact almost anything you wish to focus on.

Kinesiology treatments help you to create positive transitions in your life – understand the bigger picture of what is happening with your health/problems.

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