History of Kinesiology

History of Creative Kinesiology

The originator of Creative Kinesiology was Haakon Lovell, an acupuncturist who studied clinical kinesiology with Alan Beardall in the late 1980s. Haakon discovered that he could link his acupuncture in with Kinesiology. He then passed on Creative Kinesiology to Carrie Jost whose passion for this branch of Kinesiology continued its expansion by teaching it to others through the Creative School of Kinesiology. Carrie’s original training was as a psychotherapist, along with a broad spectrum of other Kinesiology?s that she has studied which has helped shape the way Creative Kinesiology has evolved to this day.

Creative Kinesiology training School offers the Training courses of:
LifeTracking & Foundation training

‘Way of the Tracker’ Advanced professional training along with its partner Perceptual Bodywork which was introduction to creative Kinesiology by Natalie Davenport.

Teachers and Practitioners of Creative Kinesiology participate in the School’s training courses, along with learning and using the Creative Kinesiology techniques to develop themselves in a journey of personal development, along with learning the art of co-creativity which enhances their therapy practice sessions and the further training of Kinesiology students.

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