Extra Treatments Offered

Kinesiology treatment’s with Karen

These are determined through the responses communicated from a series of muscle tests, which establish the energetic imbalances throughout the body. The body is corrected through a series of techniques available, such as: the Neuro-vascular holding points and Neuro-Lymphatic massage points; spinal reflexes; and meridian flushing, to name a few.

  • Benefits can be achieved through:
  • balancing the body’s meridian energy systems
  • postural corrections
  • goal balancing
  • pain management
  • testing for food allergies/sensitivities
  • emotional stress release
  • repairing the aura’s energy fields as well as removing blockages in the subtle bodies
  • chakra balancing
  • ancestral work
  • miasms
  • past life work
  • inner child

Sound Therapy with Karen

This treatment involves working with a variety of tools to enhance personal well-being. This method first considers three electrical systems associated with the body, namely the Charkra’s, Auric Fields and Meridians. These electrical systems may become out of balance, for a number of reasons, such as: shock; emotional upheaval; accident; birth traumas; vaccinations and effects of other people. Through Sound Therapy the body has the ability to correct and rebalance its own frequency’s when the appropriate frequency (sound vibration) is applied. Some of the tools associated with this treatment are: Ancient Tibetan Instruments; Modern Western Tuning Forks; Kinesiology; Semi-precious Stones; Scents; Words/Affirmations. This non-invasive treatment includes applying a combination of these techniques to correct and bring the body back into balance and harmony.

Crystal Healing Layouts with Karen

Each crystal is known to have its own vibrational energy field and it is believed we are drawn to specific crystals because of their healing properties. Crystals are considered to interact with the higher (unconscious) self as a way to connect with the lower (conscious) and physical self. Becoming aware and open enables the crystal to engage and act as a mirror and reflect back to you your basic needs, from the unconscious to the conscious self. It is felt that interacting with the vibrational energy field of the crystals along with our own aura (human energy field) promotes positive, uplifting experiences. Specific crystal layouts designed to enhance and promote well-being are explained and demonstrated through this treatment.

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