Life Tracking Course Dates

LifeTracking Foundation Kinesiology Training?

With Karen Way AKFRP Kinesiology Practitioner and Trainer for the Creative Kinesiology Courses

The LifeTracking Series of workshops uses the Creative Kinesiology approach as a way to introduce you to the world of energy medicine.? This series will be run over 10 days, totaling 75 hours of group workshop time. ( workshop days may vary, usually taught 1 weekend a month over 5 months ).

There is the opportunity for you to embark on a personal journey of self discovery which is an important part of the course. You will also gain skills in kinesiology muscle testing, the fundamentals of ancient Chinese energy medicine, and use of subtle energy tools that encourage health, vitality and inner wisdom, so you can:

  • Increase confidence
  • Find your direction
  • Manage difficult emotions

Following your life path, your life track, means that your energy levels are high, you feel good about yourself and embrace being alive.

The skills we will work with include:

Basic Chinese Medicine:

  • The wonderful tool of muscle-testing
  • Introduction to the Chinese meridians
  • The 5 Elements as a map for life

Everything is Connected: Realising that we are all connected and healing ourselves also helps others.

  • Practical energy tools for equilibrium
  • Healing the Aura
  • Keeping grounded and centered

We Can Make a Difference: Exploring how goals and intentions shape our lives so we can focus and move forward.

  • Setting intentions and goals
  • Transforming blockages
  • Healing the chakras

Witnessing – the Key to Change: When our stories are witnessed, our bodies can let go of blockages that are holding us back in life.

  • Body language
  • Witnessing our self and others
  • Managing difficult emotions

Self Empowerment: Enhancing self-esteem and ways of standing more fully in our own power.

  • Healing the past
  • Self esteem & assertiveness
  • Tools for self empowerment

Launch pad: Deepening and expanding our tool kit, so we’re ready to take the next step on our journey.

  • Recognising our gifts & talents
  • Having faith in the future
  • Finding direction

After completing this LifeTracking Series, you will have a Foundation in Kinesiology recognised by the UK Kinesiology Federation. Optional assessment is available should you want to continue on to train professionally in Kinesiology.

LifeTracking – is a journey of personal self discovery, as well as a Kinesiology foundation course.
You will learn the basic skills from Touch for Health, discover some wonderful self help tools, learn Muscle testing, understand and work with the Chinese 5 Elements, balance the body’s energy systems as well as learning to Track for clues and develop skills in witnessing. This approach is deepened in the Creative Kinesiology professional training course “Way Of the Tracker”

For Course dates-please contact Karen

Times are: 9.30 am – 5.00pm

Venue:?location to be confirmed

Course fees:

Extra costs: Manual & Workbook

Optional assessment for your foundation Certificate
(A pass is required for entry into Professional Kinesiology Training)

There is a significant reduction for those who have already completed LifeTracking and would like to repeat it.

For more information, request a booking form or for an informal chat please contact:
Karen Way AKFRP Practitioner & Trainer 07989 814 250 -email:

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