Combined Diploma – Way of the Tracker & Perceptual Bodywork

Combined Diploma: Way of the Tracker & Perceptual Bodywork

Professional Kinesiology Training

A wonderful way to become a professional practitioner is our new professional kinesiology course which combines our two professional trainings, Way of the Tracker and Perceptual Bodywork. This course is a thorough grounding in tracking skills and practitioner skills, and will give a professional practitioner certificate.

The Combined Diploma course enables the student to work deeply with emotion, witnessing and listening skills as well as learning the profound bodywork and energy tools that anchor changes in the body.

This training is a profound journey of self discovery and spiritual development which will also give you the practical skills and confidence begin working as a professional practitioner.

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Course Details

Length: 36 days (9 modules of 4 days)
This gives a professional Practitioner Diploma in Creative Kinesiology: Way of The Tracker & Perceptual Bodywork.

Home study: involves practice sessions, written case studies, study, book reviews and preparation of a project, estimated to take an equivalent to the time spent on the training course itself.

Recognition: The course is recognised as a professional training by the Kinesiology Federation of Great Britain.

Entry: is open to anyone who has completed a Kinesiology Federation Foundation Syllabus training, though it is recommended that the full LifeTracking foundation training is completed, or the equivalent Touch for Health course.

Assessment: is continuous self-assessment, peer and trainer assessment. A final assessment, by an external assessor, is made at the end of the course.

Mentoring: is included as part of the training course.

Confidentiality: an ethical requirement for practitioners, which is also an essential part of the training course.

Additional training required: Once this Diploma is achieved, you can start practicing immediately with the general public as an “intermediate” professional. You then have a 3 year period to complete “Core subjects” of Nutrition, Anatomy & Physiology, Inter personal Skills & Practice Management; 200 hours of professional clinical practice and 3 mentoring sessions. This leads to the complete professional status.

Please contact Karen 07989814250 for further information

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