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“Way of the Tracker”: Professional Kinesiology Training

creative kinesiology 7 The Way of The Tracker is a professional kinesiology course that trains practitioners to develop the skills of a “Tracker” – intuition, instinct, listening, stealth, observation, in order to “track” through the energy systems, as well as providing a place for a journey of self-exploration for the student. As we undertake this journey we experience Way of The Tracker in depth. By healing ourselves and going through a personal growth process we can take this important experience into our work as Creative Kinesiologists.

creative kinesiology 8Way of the Tracker is based on the principles of respecting and honouring others, without judgment, so that we become the witness. By deeply listening and witnessing we are able to work together with the client in a co-creative way, to encourage the innate healing processes to work. In this way, the person with whom we are working becomes empowered, finding whole-ness of being and is able to move forward in life, connected to their inner wisdom and life purpose.

This system is highly effective as a way of helping people to make positive steps forward in their lives. By using the clues contained in the Way of the Tracker material it is possible to track to the cause of the problem, find the story behind it, initiate the healing needed and create the conditions for realising aspirations and dreams.

Course Syllabus

An in depth exploration of many topics including:

  • 5 Elements in depth
  • Subtle energies: aura, chakras, subtle bodies, Rainbow Brain – Points of Mu
  • Old Patterns and Cycles
  • Working with the past? childhood/ancestral past/spiritual past/ spiritual ancestry/collective past
  • Earth Energies: place/environment/geopathic stress
  • Polarity: conflict – resolution
  • Reactivity: choice/freedom to make choices
  • Purpose and Meaning/Vision of the future
  • Tracking to the causes /original triggers to a problem
  • Discovering, using and developing gifts and talents
  • Witnessing skills (how to work with clients)

Many techniques and healing approaches from kinesiology and other systems, both ancient and modern, are included that address the system at all levels. The major focus is on the creative and co-creative approach to this work and becoming the witness to the journey of others.

creative kinesiology 9Course Details

Length: 20 days (usually 5 modules of 4 days, or 1 weekend a month over 10 months).
This gives a Certificate in professional Creative Kinesiology: Way of The Tracker

Home study: involves practice sessions, written case studies, study, book reviews and preparation of a project, estimated to take an equivalent to the time spent on the training course itself.

Additional training required: Once this Certificate is achieved, you can start practicing immediately with the general public as an “intermediate” professional. You then have a 3 year period to complete “Core subjects” of Nutrition, Anatomy & Physiology & Practice Management; 200 hours of professional clinical practice and 3 mentoring sessions. This leads to the complete professional status.

Recognition: The course is recognised as a professional training by the Kinesiology Federation of Great Britain.

Entry: is open to anyone who has completed a Kinesiology Federation Foundation Syllabus training, though it is recommended that the full LifeTracking foundation training is completed ? or the equivalent Touch for Health course.

Assessment: is continuous self-assessment, peer and trainer assessment. A final assessment, by an external assessor, is made at the end of the course.

Mentoring: is included as part of the training course.

Confidentiality: an ethical requirement for practitioners, which is also an essential part of the training course.

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