creative-kinesiology-6Creative Kinesiology works with the whole person.

All levels are addressed, body, mind, emotions, nutrition, energy systems, spirit, soul

Creative Kinesiology enables people to explore the meaning behind their symptoms, by practitioner and client working co-creatively together to discover the root cause of the problem and by tracking back over the landscape of your life to find clues that may relate to where and when your symptoms first became anchored in your body. Once your story has been found then an energy technique is carried out, this allows your body to find its own natural way of healing, enabling you to get back on track with your life.

As a qualified Trainer and Member of the School of Creativecreative-kinesiology-7

Kinesiology I am able to offer you the Training courses of LifeTracking, Way of the Tracker or Perceptual Bodywork to become a professional Creative Kinesiologist

If you are interested in Training as a Creative Kinesiologist please refer to the Diary page for the latest Courses/Workshops that I am offering on the Isle of Wight, London and across the South & South East of the UK.

If you would like a LifeTracking course to be held in your area, please contact me I am also a Mentor & Member of the Kinesiology Federation UK

I am happy to discuss any queries you may have regarding my Therapy?s & Treatments & any of the aspects of the Training courses with you

“Kinesiology enables you to create the change you want to be”

The entire contents of this web site creative-kinesiology.com is based upon the opinion of its author and those directly or indirectly linked to it. The presented information is not intended to replace your
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Some of the Art work on this site has been taken from areas of public resources, should you know of or are the artist and would like to be named with your work or would prefer it to be removed please contact me.

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